Permad after one game for having a troll

I was playing a game last night and previously lost 4 games before, 2 because of inters/afkers, and I got into a game with a nunu mid on my team who the entire game just trolled and every time I was going for a camp (as a jungler), he would come and Q my camp. Unwinnable game and people flamed him including me and I got Perma banned for it. I love it when the wrong people get banned. Promise you he is still out there trolling away throwing games like the scum he is while my account is perma banned. And, not only was I banned, but that is the only game chat log it has on the ban screen, no second game like it usually does. Great enforcement Riot. *FYI - Logs are toxic but not even near as bad as most other perma logs, expecially from one game. LOGS: Game 1 NoticeMePokimane: ward top pls NoticeMePokimane: dont want a level 2 invade NoticeMePokimane: nun NoticeMePokimane: nunu NoticeMePokimane: pls NoticeMePokimane: go mid NoticeMePokimane: yeah i knew it NoticeMePokimane: troll nunu NoticeMePokimane: i called it NoticeMePokimane: gg NoticeMePokimane: cant wait to lose all my fucking games today NoticeMePokimane: so fun NoticeMePokimane: love this game NoticeMePokimane: knew it NoticeMePokimane: why the fuck did no one dodge NoticeMePokimane: jesus NoticeMePokimane: hate kids like this NoticeMePokimane: this nun NoticeMePokimane: nunu NoticeMePokimane: go fuick yourself dude NoticeMePokimane: please NoticeMePokimane: jesus NoticeMePokimane: hardstuck b5 trash NoticeMePokimane: gg NoticeMePokimane: free win NoticeMePokimane: nunus trolling and i called it but no one dodged NoticeMePokimane: cause i lost 4 games in a row before this on 0 lp NoticeMePokimane: take the one chicken i dont care NoticeMePokimane: fuck you NoticeMePokimane: enjot the ban NoticeMePokimane: eve you can do whatever you want this game NoticeMePokimane: troll ass nunu for no reason NoticeMePokimane: steals every single camp NoticeMePokimane: no NoticeMePokimane: ok? NoticeMePokimane: im useless and nunu is useless NoticeMePokimane: doesnt matter NoticeMePokimane: haha NoticeMePokimane: fuck you NoticeMePokimane: cant even troll NoticeMePokimane: fuck you NoticeMePokimane: get bot tower NoticeMePokimane: fucn game NoticeMePokimane: so fun NoticeMePokimane: so enjoyable NoticeMePokimane: thank god im so behind NoticeMePokimane: im gonna afk NoticeMePokimane: gg NoticeMePokimane: nope NoticeMePokimane: cant do shit in jungle NoticeMePokimane: this eve is awful and i could be destroying her NoticeMePokimane: but no NoticeMePokimane: nunu is hardstuck b5 trash NoticeMePokimane: littel angry kid whos dad comes home drunk and beats him NoticeMePokimane: get bullied in school NoticeMePokimane: so he has to troll nunu to feel good about himself NoticeMePokimane: AND I STILL DIE NoticeMePokimane: IM DONE NoticeMePokimane: im so done NoticeMePokimane: have fun in this 2v5 NoticeMePokimane: v5 NoticeMePokimane: 3v5 NoticeMePokimane: we can win NoticeMePokimane: but i dont care NoticeMePokimane: nope NoticeMePokimane: look at match history NoticeMePokimane: adn i do fine and team feeds NoticeMePokimane: and one inted NoticeMePokimane: fun NoticeMePokimane: yes focus me please NoticeMePokimane: the useless jungler thats so behind cause im nonstop getting trolled by this nunu NoticeMePokimane: please prioritize me over everyone else NoticeMePokimane: PLEASE KILL ME MORE NoticeMePokimane: PLEASE NoticeMePokimane: PLEASE NoticeMePokimane: im so done with this shit ass game NoticeMePokimane: fuck this NoticeMePokimane: i dont care NoticeMePokimane: fuck you NoticeMePokimane: yes NoticeMePokimane: focus me more NoticeMePokimane: every single fight please focus me NoticeMePokimane: im done NoticeMePokimane: uninstalling this game NoticeMePokimane: every fucking game a troll NoticeMePokimane: REALLY> NoticeMePokimane: really? NoticeMePokimane: PEOPLE LIKE M? NoticeMePokimane: NOT THE TROLL NUNU NoticeMePokimane: NO NoticeMePokimane: ALL ME NoticeMePokimane: FOR SURE NoticeMePokimane: TROLL NUNU FOR SURE DOING NMORE NoticeMePokimane: I CANT DO ANYTHING NoticeMePokimane: EVERY TIME I DO SOMETHING NUNU STEALS IT NoticeMePokimane: and riot wonders why everyones toxic and their game is a meme for toxicity NoticeMePokimane: this is why NoticeMePokimane: cause everyone trolls NoticeMePokimane: every game NoticeMePokimane: or ints NoticeMePokimane: or afks NoticeMePokimane: get this over with NoticeMePokimane: i am NoticeMePokimane: i just cant do anything NoticeMePokimane: lol ive gotten out of silver NoticeMePokimane: its not NoticeMePokimane: hard NoticeMePokimane: but it is when ur team trolls 247 NoticeMePokimane: yup NoticeMePokimane: 9th account but NoticeMePokimane: bud NoticeMePokimane: trying to reform but cant with trolls in every single game NoticeMePokimane: on this account NoticeMePokimane: lul NoticeMePokimane: look at the chat bud NoticeMePokimane: ur not NoticeMePokimane: ur trash NoticeMePokimane: b5 troll NoticeMePokimane: really? NoticeMePokimane: no ur not lol NoticeMePokimane: lul NoticeMePokimane: no ur just trash nunu NoticeMePokimane: trash player NoticeMePokimane: trash troll NoticeMePokimane: yeah we arent NoticeMePokimane: nunus bronzew NoticeMePokimane: ur literally a troll
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