just gonna leave this here

* Pre-Game BrandOneTrickBOI: mid In-Game BrandOneTrickBOI: iv BrandOneTrickBOI: what are you doing BrandOneTrickBOI: report ivern BrandOneTrickBOI: wtf hes being racist and running it down mid BrandOneTrickBOI: he called all lanes wtf BrandOneTrickBOI: please report ivern BrandOneTrickBOI: wtf are you doing here ivern BrandOneTrickBOI: gotta love how ivern took my lane and is now saying im feeding. we reporting him right? BrandOneTrickBOI: wtf BrandOneTrickBOI: please report ivern. BrandOneTrickBOI: hes obviously trolling\ BrandOneTrickBOI: he said he had f up when he didntr BrandOneTrickBOI: im not being toxic to anyone BrandOneTrickBOI: im telling them to report this trolling ivern BrandOneTrickBOI: ivern youre running it down mid BrandOneTrickBOI: took my lane BrandOneTrickBOI: claimed f was up when it wasnt BrandOneTrickBOI: trist BrandOneTrickBOI: the fking game is lost BrandOneTrickBOI: ivern was supposed to jgl BrandOneTrickBOI: he ran it down mid BrandOneTrickBOI: theres no excuse for his racism and trolling BrandOneTrickBOI: i had to share lanes with this trolling ivern BrandOneTrickBOI: lost half my xp BrandOneTrickBOI: wtf was i supposed to do BrandOneTrickBOI: theyre all fed BrandOneTrickBOI: and im behind because i had to share xp with ivern BrandOneTrickBOI: kha got to freefarm BrandOneTrickBOI: because ivern didnt want to jgl had the entire fking team report me along with the enemy team. fuck you riot
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