"You have reached the first checkpoint in Honor Level 1"

{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} I was Honor level 2. Then I receive this notification upon logging in. I don't know what I did to lose honor. I didn't receive anything else telling me about "bad behavior". I play ARAM exclusively, except one or two games of Teamfight Tactics recently. I don't say anything in game. I have my chat box shrunk down too small to read. I'm always there to help my team. What did I do to get penalized? Does anyone else feel irritated by this? If we're going to lose Honor we should be told why. And there's nothing to even check your Honor except "Honor Level X" and "Checkpoint X of 3". What are these checkpoints? They're completely intangeable. Why can't we see some type of progress bar? Just a bunch of vague numbers with an empty promise. Showing progress toards Honor Levels with something equally as vague as "checkpoints" is pretty insulting. It's like we asked for a way to track our progress and they reinstated the same exact dilemma and called it a solution. Without some type of checklist or progress bar, "checkpoints" do nothing to show us our progress. And to repeat myself, we also lose progress without explanation. The Honor System just seems terrible.
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