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so i was playing ranked, i got into promotions. i won my first game with an s. then i started my second game. i started the game as usual, i bought items and i started to farm. the top laner on the enemy team was afk, so they decided to remake. suddenly our team was voting for a remake. i was voting too, five people were voting for a remake. i thought it was a new update where you can vote if one of the enemy team is afk. 2 voted no including me and three voted yes because the enemy team got a first blood too early. HERE IS THE SHOOK. i got a defeat, i lost the game? HOW i checked the promotions it was one win and one defeat. when i checked the history i found out that i was afk. but i was playing and i voted for the remake. what is happening. now i have a lower chance for getting promoted. riot you fuc*ed up, and now i need help. **MAKE THIS RITE **
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