Is it permissible to gift your account to another player?

I'm not planning to do this right now, and I don't know if I ever will, but I'm pretty much never playing league these days, and my account has a bunch of content unlocked - orange essence, champions, some skin shards, a bunch of random icons, a few skins... I totally get that it would be iffy to give a high mmr account away, but my acc is like high silver mmr at best, probably lower from decay. And I've played for years, so there's no "Well maybe you're systematically botting accounts up and selling them". Plus I'd obviously not accept any compensation for it, monetary or otherwise. I know it's probably technically against the ToS, but I was hoping I could get some official Riot thoughts...maybe I could even get them to facilitate it. Anyway, league's a fine game I guess, just not as into it anymore and I'd be happier giifting account to someone than letting it sit and gather dust.
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