[IDEA to Improve the League of Legends Community!] Bring back the "Reformation Program"!

After a long and friendly chat with a Riot Supporter about Account and Riot Point Recovery on restricted Accounts, The Riot Supporter recommended me to come here to share about my idea to bring back the "lovely reform program" (or whatever its called haha) which deems a player's reformation and gives a second chance. ___ The Riot Supporter believes that this feature may come back soon due to the fall of battle royale games (thank god lol), the slowly rising playerbase that's coming from the fortnite quitters, and very slightly improve the community due to the players who have been penalized can share stories and morals about how wrong it is to be toxic, express tilt, and to understand that trying your best in a game brings the best experience for everyone. --- I'm not sure If it is against the rules to shoutout names of a person on the Support Team (I think I can't), but I'm pretty sure that he/she is looking for this post! ----- So, Why is this beneficial?? Although I heard that the first "reform program" was canceled because no one was able to express their reformation. The Support Rioter told me that there were multiple occasions of players willing to prove themselves as a lovely human being and their "toxicness in-game" was a complete mistake and accidental. I, myself, have been permabanned and ooooh, I was filled with regret and sadness to those I have been toxic towards. ___ Many players after their first bans make a secondary account and never try their best on their second accounts. Bringing back this "reform program" could "possibly" prevent the players who take Ranked games very casually and potentially throw a game. If a person were to have their account back, I'm PRETTY sure that the majority would be VERY careful about their next actions because they don't wanna say "bye bye" to all their skins haha. As a widely requested feature, that's been asked repeatedly to Riot Support, I think it would be great to give it a go one more time! What harm can it do? None! Instead, people can enjoy their long-lost accounts and remember and reconsider their actions from the spooky past :) ___ If this post gets a great response and maybe if my Riot Supporter sees this and promotes this, I would LOVE to be the first one on the waiting list to prove my reformation!! I would definately try my best to do everything in my power to prove myself reformed like the great Tyler1! As of now, I'll just pray and hope soooo much for this post to resurrect my account :) ----------- If you got some spare time, come take a look at my other board post like 15 mins after my ban : https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/A3Y0pB7W-just-got-permabanned-for-the-first-time-and-i-deeply-regret-it I sounded sooo desperate in it and I kinda find it a little amusing and saddened by the fact that I was kinda negative to the lovely players/teammates who were there to climb with me. Enjoy! EDIT: I would GREAAAATLY appreciate it if this post gets a lot of support and commends :) Please express yourself in the comments and possibly your stories! On a side note, all the money we spent? Yea, the money we all worked hard to earn, would be all back into our hands!! On top of that, we get our mindsets to significantly improve and never tilt or flame one another in a match! What wrong thing can possible happen if we re-implement this feature? None! [ except my heart kinda feeling sad :( ]

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