This is the most toxic season and it's barely been a month

Now, I'm not great at this game. I'm not here to talk about my "trash" teammates. I'm here to talk about how god damn toxic everyone is this season compared to the previous seasons. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the new young audience we have, maybe it's the lack of balance in this game, whatever it is, I have never seen this copious amount of toxicity in Even when my team is winning, someone is being toxic, flaming teammates for no good reason at all. And let's not talk about when we're losing. This s*** brings the worst out of some people. I can't have a bad game or make a misstep without being flamed. Nearly every ranked game I've played so far this season, someone on my team (or even the enemy team) was flaming everyone left and right. What is wrong with some of y'all? Anyways, I want to know what you guys think -- is this game more toxic this season than any season before? Why or why not?
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