How player behavior penalties affect Hextech Crafting

Hey everyone, Now that Hextech Crafting is live in most parts of the world, let’s take a breather and talk about how our philosophy around rewarding sportsmanship influences the overall system. Outstanding performances, teamwork, and sportsmanship are what earns you chests and keys. Let’s clarify the sportsmanship part. We want to focus on creating rewards and incentives for consistently sportsmanlike players. That’s why previously penalized players need to demonstrate commitment to positive play over time, even after wrapping up a chat restriction or ban. It’s also why we’ve decided against sharing the exact requirements for restoring access to earned loot. Doing so would encourage good sportsmanship for a defined period, and not much longer. To add some clarity, more severe infractions incur longer ineligibility periods. If you’re currently ineligible for earned content, this is on you. Since Hextech launched, we’ve seen a meaningful number of players earn access to the system’s rewards. Stay focused on solid comms, teamwork, and sportsmanship in your games and you’ll be earning chests, keys, and loot sooner rather than later. This approach reflects how we’ll build reward systems going forward, awarding the majority sweet loot, and temporarily excluding the minority while they prove they can stick to the community’s standards. There’s a ton of space to explore in recognizing and rewarding sportsmanship and we’re psyched about the possibilities for the future of League.
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