Why is it that 95% of Players Allow Themselves to be Trolled?

Something I've noticed in champion select over the years is that almost no one will ever dodge a troll pick, a player who is clearly on tilt, or someone who makes it clearly obvious that they are trolling such as grabbing smite on purpose even though they aren't jungle, stealing someone's role, or banning an ally's first pick and then stealing their second pick just to name a few examples. Few people will actually dodge this crap. They just roll with it. I can understand no one wants to deal with the LP loss or the time out, but going into a guaranteed loss is even more LP and time lost on top of MMR lost. This is part of the reason why trolls have so much power over the community. Players don't usually dodge them. And even if someone does dodge the troll, the troll remains in queue and they remain in queue for however long it takes for them to end up with players they can victimize, players who won't dodge them. Why is it that so few players are actually willing to dodge? Why is it that most players are content to just play it out and report after? There's obviously no way to salvage a game clearly lost at champion select. So, is it purely out of spite? Is there a "If you're taking me down, I'm taking you down with me" mentality? Or are players so full of themselves that they honestly believe themselves skilled enough to overcome the troll and solo hard carry their team to victory?
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