i used to defend riot when it came to inting being hard to detect but

after a run in with how little riot actually cares about punishing inters i cannot support them on defending the "hard to detect" argument anymore, now ima give some context: I'm Samuel, a League Of Legends Expert. It is 0 tolerance. Once the player is found guilty of doing so, they are banned for 2 weeks for the first offence then permanently for second if I remember correctly. They don't usually fall in chat restrictions, it's normally a clear out ban. Have a wonderful day! Samuel Beginning (NA) Expert User as stated here from a rioter, inting is infact 0 tolerance and a ban on sight now lets get into the situation a riven in one of my games (on the account big ol nom) followed me around trying to steal my jg camps all game while staying silent to avoid bot detection, clear cut inting, so naturally i send in a support ticket to get the game manually reviewed as a bot wont do anything about that because they didnt type. in response i got them saying they would look into it and this was a few days ago. long story short said player is still playing games even after i shoved the proof directly in riots face and had gotten a IFB when i logged in, the riven being the only person i had reported in awhile which means they got a chat restriction most likely, for a non chat related offence that is in fact 0 tolerance. now ofc theres the off chance it was a different report i got a IFB on but that doesnt change the fact they are still playing after a manual review of the match so its pretty clear they A) dont give out punishments under their pre-decided severity which makes me feel VERY lied to or B) outright ignored it, which is even worse considering how little the playerbase feels heard already. im usually with riot on punishments but this makes me regret buying anything from riot let alone playing their game if they dont give one about issues enough to even address them when given to them directly. if any rioters are reading feel free to give me some insight into this via a comment because like the rest of the community i feel like im giving feedback to a brickwall EDIT: yes it was draft, no they didnt try to steal my role of jg, they did it after they got mad at me for taxing after a gank and did it as a way to int/troll
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