how is this possible???????????

im in a very deep shock riot. i was not being aggressive with chat at all due to 2week ban from 2months ago. i have now keeping my chat very low. heres the chat got me banned please take a review again. im deeply confused. game 1 rakan flamed me very badly along with mid laner.. rakan told me to hang my self. i legit didnt say anything back. all i did was said it in all chat he should be reported for what he said, i also d/ced for 20sec game 1 due to internet problem they flamed me hard afterwards aswell i tryed my best to keep my cool. please take a review on my game. if theres a misunderstanding. again game 2 i got flamed all game long i tryed my best to keep my cool i have no idea why did that trigger chat system. game 3 i got a lucain flamed me all game long. wont leave me alone i muted him he wont stop spam pinging me and i muted his pings also afterwards. and game 3 i also got flamed by whole team after i muted all chat they wont stop spam ping me. please riot take a review i do not deserve to be banned i . Game 1 Pharaohs: i want to path bot Pharaohs: ;) Pharaohs: yes Pharaohs: i want them both Pharaohs: before u guys flame just remember we all human beings with feelings Pharaohs: wow Pharaohs: are u guys Pharaohs: sierous Pharaohs: then Pharaohs: ping me Pharaohs: LOL Pharaohs: like Pharaohs: legit. Pharaohs: is ok Pharaohs: move on Pharaohs: next game Pharaohs: ekko Pharaohs: u want gank Pharaohs: at Pharaohs: 20% Pharaohs: like. Pharaohs: why Pharaohs: why not Pharaohs: dive her Pharaohs: when she had no w Pharaohs: ff Pharaohs: pls Pharaohs: zero percent Pharaohs: to win Pharaohs: lol Pharaohs: i ganked bot Pharaohs: btw Pharaohs: o Pharaohs: all my fault Pharaohs: :D Pharaohs: ;o Pharaohs: cool Pharaohs: lets win boys! Pharaohs: next game Pharaohs: lol Pharaohs: nice Pharaohs: d/c Pharaohs: report me for d/c Pharaohs: k Pharaohs: muted Pharaohs: yeah Pharaohs: we can Pharaohs: tris got both kills Pharaohs: thats good Pharaohs: we need Pharaohs: darius Pharaohs: darius Pharaohs: go Pharaohs: drag Pharaohs: man Pharaohs: u guys Pharaohs: dont know Pharaohs: how to roate Pharaohs: at all Pharaohs: if darius roamed Pharaohs: before akail roamed Pharaohs: we'd came back Pharaohs: easy Pharaohs: no Pharaohs: kko Pharaohs: it wasnt Pharaohs: ekko Pharaohs: all we needed Pharaohs: was Pharaohs: darius roate Pharaohs: drag Pharaohs: instead of Pharaohs: trying to 2v2 lulu/twitch Pharaohs: there was no reason Pharaohs: to 2v2 Pharaohs: twitch/lulu Pharaohs: we had Pharaohs: darius? Pharaohs: lol Pharaohs: ops Pharaohs: gg? Pharaohs: this rakan must be 12 Pharaohs: he can joke after tell me to go hang my self. Pharaohs: that sounds liek a joke to him Pharaohs: not really Pharaohs: i can win next game Pharaohs: i dont mind Pharaohs: when mid/bot have no presure Pharaohs: u expect ganks Pharaohs: ur funny Game 2 Pharaohs: u are not wrong Pharaohs: my friend Pharaohs: u forgot Pharaohs: vayne Pharaohs: idk Pharaohs: why u saved Pharaohs: q Pharaohs: but Pharaohs: oi Pharaohs: ok Pharaohs: free knock up when i stunned him Pharaohs: last blue if u give it to zed Pharaohs: i Pharaohs: pinged Pharaohs: before Pharaohs: zed Pharaohs: came Pharaohs: did i Pharaohs: last blue Pharaohs: 100% Pharaohs: pls Pharaohs: dont Pharaohs: ping Pharaohs: after i died Pharaohs: muted Pharaohs: ff Pharaohs: 15 Pharaohs: pls Pharaohs: ty Pharaohs: yeah Pharaohs: and Pharaohs: zed free roam Pharaohs: my jg Pharaohs: i died to ryze Pharaohs: zed Pharaohs: 3x Pharaohs: now Pharaohs: and bot alsso lost Pharaohs: 3lane lost Pharaohs: auto lose Pharaohs: i dont think hec Pharaohs: ganked anylane Pharaohs: either Pharaohs: until now Pharaohs: i ganked top Pharaohs: i ganked bot Pharaohs: when u died Pharaohs: rofl Pharaohs: just Pharaohs: ff Pharaohs: :D Pharaohs: get it? Pharaohs: ff Pharaohs: ty Pharaohs: is funny they blame me Pharaohs: sry guys all 3lane lost all my fault Pharaohs: ganked top cho refuse to use his Q after i stunned ryze. is my fault Pharaohs: give eggniva blue buff she farms all game and take my camp is my fault Pharaohs: how Pharaohs: can i play Pharaohs: when zed Pharaohs: free kill me Pharaohs: in my own jg Pharaohs: 5x Pharaohs: when Pharaohs: dont Pharaohs: soraka Pharaohs: when ur jgler gets a free win Pharaohs: feelsbadman Pharaohs: xd Pharaohs: xddddd Pharaohs: :( my only way to farm is Pharaohs: my oonly way to get gold is take my own crystals Pharaohs: i just want to go home Pharaohs: my kda ;( Pharaohs: hec Pharaohs: how does it feel Pharaohs: when ur the only one died on ur team Pharaohs: im having fun Pharaohs: :D Pharaohs: good Pharaohs: is just a question Pharaohs: lmao Pharaohs: good luck guys!!! good luck next game nice playing with u guys!!! Pharaohs: !!!!!!! Game 3 Pharaohs: catch the crystal for me Pharaohs: i win lvl 3 Pharaohs: if j4 in river Pharaohs: guys my passive is when im near crystal i get attack/movement speed boost Pharaohs: that wasnt gonna work Pharaohs: =/ Pharaohs: coming Pharaohs: dad Pharaohs: dont matter Pharaohs: lets Pharaohs: go Pharaohs: baby Pharaohs: bot Pharaohs: i come at 6 Pharaohs: i saw j Pharaohs: j4 Pharaohs: j4 going mid Pharaohs: possibly Pharaohs: carful Pharaohs: im almost 6 Pharaohs: i can bot Pharaohs: bot Pharaohs: why Pharaohs: did u guy Pharaohs: recall Pharaohs: i was Pharaohs: omw Pharaohs: k Pharaohs: np Pharaohs: because Pharaohs: i was going for a gank Pharaohs: u guys Pharaohs: recalled Pharaohs: i wont make it out Pharaohs: either way Pharaohs: lucain in 2018 Pharaohs: lol Pharaohs: dude Pharaohs: just go in Pharaohs: most depressing game Pharaohs: ever played Pharaohs: LOL Pharaohs: i'd ganked bot Pharaohs: if u guys didnt die Pharaohs: gj Pharaohs: we Pharaohs: need Pharaohs: vision Pharaohs: theres no such thing is combo Pharaohs: when u picked lucain Pharaohs: lucain is worse than jhin Pharaohs: lmao Pharaohs: is ok Pharaohs: i dont mind Pharaohs: keep flaming Pharaohs: zero v ision Pharaohs: on all map Pharaohs: lucain Pharaohs: oped Pharaohs: mao engaged Pharaohs: i just followed up Pharaohs: and stop watch Pharaohs: this lucain Pharaohs: worry about me Pharaohs: yet Pharaohs: him Pharaohs: lmao Pharaohs: u rwish Pharaohs: bad mouth me Pharaohs: and wants Pharaohs: red Pharaohs: team? Pharaohs: ofc Pharaohs: lucain died Pharaohs: again Pharaohs: move on Pharaohs: this team Pharaohs: lmao Pharaohs: stopp Pharaohs: ping me Pharaohs: gg Pharaohs: keep pinging me Pharaohs: is ok i love the flame Pharaohs: from everyone on my team Pharaohs: legit spam ping me Pharaohs: all game Pharaohs: mao Pharaohs: veigar Pharaohs: this lucain Pharaohs: all game Pharaohs: spam ping me Pharaohs: and flame me Pharaohs: u think Pharaohs: i can play? Pharaohs: so Pharaohs: im ready for next game Pharaohs: this lucain can win the next game Pharaohs: yeah Pharaohs: u can win the next game lucain Pharaohs: ; Pharaohs: ;) Pharaohs: report Pharaohs: lucain Pharaohs: pls Pharaohs: he just went in Pharaohs: 1v1 Pharaohs: j4 Pharaohs: report toxic lucain Pharaohs: ty

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