Got suspended for saying the word %%%%%

Game 1 Subject 5: Succ Subject 5: Wat Subject 5: Y Subject 5: Ty %%%%% Subject 5: Wolf camp Subject 5: Idk why an early game eve would attack an early game Shaco %%%%% Subject 5: k. Subject 5: XDDD Subject 5: I ganked for you and you did legit nothing so Subject 5: =L Subject 5: Bot is responsive tho %%%%% Subject 5: We need somebody to get sword Subject 5: ? Subject 5: Uhm lol Subject 5: Uhm lol Subject 5: gg So I wasn't exactly being toxic, I remember the game going like this: I was Eve, didn't want to gank but my team was spam pinging me. Shaco was talking shit in global chat, so I responded with: "Idk why an early game eve would attack an early game Shaco %%%%%." My bot lane got stomped on and fed about 15 kills, they blamed it on me because I couldn't gank for them while being 2 levels down. (Eve) I ended up muting them, and just playing some more games without even thinking of this being a problem. (Let's be real here, even the boondocks makes fun of people like this.) So my feedback to this ban: Honestly, I fucking laughed. Like, I couldn't keep the snickering down in my public discord. This is a bot mistake, right? I know that the word %%%%% is a hot spot for bots, just seems like a duo took advantage of the way that the bot responds to reports and I got nipped. That's pretty much my only explanation, because I don't think any human being could be responsible for this.
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