Post game lobby should be monitored.

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Firstly I apologize for all the deleted threads, I uploaded the wrong image 3 freakin times. Not trying to name and shame. Anyway post game lobby should be monitored. I just had a game where our midlaner, who at the time was performing pretty poorly was getting caught. It lead to some question marks and her retorting by calling us "Autistic Fucks". Nothing an in-game mute and report couldn't solve. I'm not sure if she kept talking in-game, but she sure had a lot to say in post-game. I reminded my team to drop a few reports and this was her response. Our support especially took offense to her flaming and seemed pretty upset. Unfortunately I didn't think to screen cap everything, because I wasn't intending to make a thread but this is a pretty common problem I see in league. Hopefully the system punishes her for what she said in game, but I am not very hopeful it'll pick her up if she only called us autistic. What bothers me is that this kind of behavior, which can clearly upset people, isn't punished so long as it's said in post game lobby.

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