I have 2 words to say to flamers

Fuck. Off. Stop getting in everyone's fucking business because they're not playing exactly like your idea of a fucking perfect player is. Stop inting because they did something that you fucking perceive as wrong. Stop fucking spam pinging just because someone decides to make a different play than you want. This shit is getting so old. Just focus on your own god damned play, because it sure as hell isn't perfect. But you don't see the rest of us on the team pointing it out, flaming you for it, do you? Edit: A response I keep on seeing is how it ios a team game, and how your team is making you lose, so you flame them. THAT IS NOT THE NORMAL RESPONSE! That is the response of someone who has anger issues and needs to get help. The normal response is looking to see how you can run damage control, and seeing what your win conditions are, and working towards those. Sure , people get upset at their teammates for making a poor play, but normally people do not flame their teammates do to that play.
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