Received my perm ban today, without even flaming.

In a nutshell, I got 2 trolls in my game who went Lucian and Sona mid together. They stated in champion select that they were going to troll already, apparently because I banned Zed. None of them put Zed as the champion they wanted to play. When they stated they went to troll, my simple reaction was: go for it, i wanna win, if you wanna waste 30 min of your time, go for it As soon as we were in game, I muted my whole team. All my talking below was to the enemy Lissandra. Apparently my content was extremely inflammatory according to the in game card. It absolutely feels wrong that I am permanently banned and therefor losing my account over absolutely nothing. I tried to do right by muting them and reporting them, and still end up with losing my account that I had since season 1. According to the RIOT live chat system, this was all what it took to be permanently banned as I've had a 2 weeks ban earlier this year. is the game, and as you can see I was the only person who still tried to do something. Also the copy of the chat log below, that was in my permanent ban card. Game 1 Pre-Game iXVI: go report me, not valid anyway iXVI: grief? :') iXVI: sure mate, do the report iXVI: go for it iXVI: i wanna win iXVI: if you wanna waste 30 min of your time, go for it In-Game iXVI: no idea why people find it funny to go troll iXVI: either way, both Sona and Lucian muted, i don't deal with 11 year olds iXVI: for? iXVI: toxic? iXVI: cause i mute both sona and lucian? iXVI: makes sense iXVI: besides, 1 or 9 reports doesn't make a difference iXVI: also asking for report is a reportabke offense itself iXVI: and all of you are muted now :) iXVI: read forum matey iXVI: she going mid iXVI: cause she toxic premade with lucian iXVI: i muted them for a reason iXVI: i'm the only one who tries to play this game iXVI: but got doomed by my team from the start iXVI: didn't see what? iXVI: from zed? iXVI: he didn't have zed as intented champ iXVI: and zed is adc killer, so i always ban it iXVI: if nobody has it as intented champ iXVI: no idea, didn't see in chat iXVI: it wasn't as interded champ thoi iXVI: i didnt say anything iXVI: they flamed hard iXVI: that;s why u muted all of them iXVI: probably cause I didn't say anything iXVI: if they do tell you, please repeat it to me iXVI: oh wait iXVI: i did call them 11 year olds when this game started iXVI: i said: both lucian and sona muted cause i don't deal with 11 year olds iXVI: that's the only thing that was said, no idea what they said.. as... they are muted ;) iXVI: ggwp iXVI: to bad kids always have to ruin it for others iXVI: i seriously don';t understand why people like this even go play ranked, or multiplayer at all iXVI: you'll be, when they are on your team next time lissandra iXVI: you'll think back about this iXVI: you asked already, nothing iXVI: what did they say? iXVI: no it's not lux iXVI: and again, it wasn't declared as champ iXVI: anyway, ggwp iXVI: hope they are in your team next time iXVI: it is for them iXVI: as you could see Of course I think the system is quite wrong and I'm not rightfully permanently banned here, what is your opinion? Also, what would you do to get your account back?
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