How do you deal?

How do people deal with the constant string of DCs and trolls in ranked? I primarily play support. Granted, I'm not the best player (I honestly admit I make way too many mistakes). How do you cope with starting a game with your adc just sitting under tower for the first 3 minutes or your jungler constantly dc'ing? Or people who refuse to make this a "team" game and always strike out on their own, only to be slaughtered moments later, even after pings to fall back, etc? I get instantly blaming others for the bad fortunes, and not getting better yourself, but game after game it's 4v5, no team fighting ability, or just people that refuse to play "nice." I'm on full tilt, and I'm honestly looking for feedback on how people have overcome this feeling of winning a game or two in a row and then losing 3-4.
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