Does your report system even work........

Dear Riot games. I'm placing a serious concern on whether or not your report system works, On 5 separate occasions I have been bullied relentlessly by people being exceedingly racist towards me, im not talking about little racist comments as just calling someone "%%%%%%" I'm talking about people literally saying ; " Black people dont have rights" " I will get the K - K - K on you", Go back to the cotton fields where you belong, " Quit stealing my jng typical black man" , " i cant hear you with all the clicking ur making with mouth " . on all these occasions that i was brutally bombarded with racial comment, that were unprovoked at least that's what i reckon, as i did once give some helpful advice " try playing a bit safer, if u miss cs is fine as long as u stay alive n keep ur tower alive" that triggered the guy after his 8th death in a row. but that was on 1 occasion. Im not here to justify my actions or whatnot, im here to complain that nothing has been done to any of those people, and now they are under the mentality that they are safe because they are behind a computer screen and that there are no repercussions to their actions, i have been bullied to the point of tears by players on your game, whether it's in champ select or in-game, before i can mute them, the words that they typed i still see them after muting them n they hurt a lot, there are two people in particular that i have met almost 5 times in a span of 1 year, and out of those five times, they have been relentlessly racist towards me or other people in the game. If tyler one gets banned for being toxic, why don't people like this get banned for mentally assaulting players **"ruined your game" and "uncensoredDream"** Please riot, do something about this. I have spent way too much time and money in this game to just throw it away because there are no visible actions being taken to unnecessary abuse, I get this is a game with a very toxic community, but some words are just too much, I would not be taking my time to write this if it was just common in game flame. there are times where it's just below the belt n its now become mental assault. I can't stress this enough Riot games, Please do something about this. Two crucial things I reckon you guys should implement 1.) You need to make it so that the lol recorder shows in game chat, so as people like me can get proof of said actions. 2.) You guys need a form of communications that we players can submit such complaints in detail plus with short clipped video proof, this would be a place where only major complaints, would be sent, and if its not a legit complaint and its just players messing around, there should be repercussions.
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