Riots Chat Restriction System As Bad As Their Ranked System?

Preface: I've had this account forever (since s1 with judgement kayle on it lmao), never been restricted or banned or suspended or anything of the sort (the name itself is supposed to be ironic because of this and since I don't consider myself to be a "toxic player", and it's my alt so I only play on it once every month or so if either an event mission comes out or icon (like the kayle/morg icon) So long story short, I was bored on my alt account and felt like playing singed mid against a talon. got first blood (if im not mistaken) and proceeded to go 3-0 in lane. Our botlane who were 0-7 10 minutes in were crying the whole entire time (realize now that the sona had over 1 million mastery points and the ezreal was also rank 7 ez) and calling all other laners trash. My name aside (I made for the irony because I'm actually not what I would consider a toxic player) and after the realization that they were calling the whole team irons, swearing at us, and talking in all caps, do you think this warrants a chat restrict? Btw, the thing where I talked in all caps was because sona had a chance for a 5 man ult, was obviously trolling and ulted our team. (Screenshot of chat restrict) (Chat Logs) Game 1 In-Game Hl lM TOXlC : hiya big boi Hl lM TOXlC : Zzz Hl lM TOXlC : talon is going to roam after he clears js Hl lM TOXlC : nice botlane Hl lM TOXlC : like your kda Hl lM TOXlC : report botlane please Hl lM TOXlC : you're* Hl lM TOXlC : its funny when their combined score was 0-7 and they called you trash lmfao Hl lM TOXlC : like how can you have over a mil on sona and be duo queued and still lose bot that hard lmfao Hl lM TOXlC : EVERYONE THAT WAS A 1 MILLION POINT SONA ULT LMFAOOOO Hl lM TOXlC : sona? Hl lM TOXlC : you missed an ult Hl lM TOXlC : lmao Hl lM TOXlC : for shield lmao Hl lM TOXlC : lmao its you're Hl lM TOXlC : you are. your is for ownership Hl lM TOXlC : ill do it if you uninstall Hl lM TOXlC : does it hurt to have that high combined mastaery and still lose lane Hl lM TOXlC : i'm doing better Hl lM TOXlC : than you Hl lM TOXlC : lmfaoooo Hl lM TOXlC : i was 3-2 lmaooo Hl lM TOXlC : and 40 farm above my laner Hl lM TOXlC : and you were 0-7 botlane lmfaooo Hl lM TOXlC : botlane calling us all "iron" lmfaooo Hl lM TOXlC : lmao you have over 1m sona points and you and your duo went 0-7 12 mins in lmfaooo Hl lM TOXlC : #feelsbad Hl lM TOXlC : who won lane and was ahead the hwole time Hl lM TOXlC : ok Hl lM TOXlC : say it when you arent 0-3 with your duo bud Hl lM TOXlC : hows it feel that singed mid is doing better than you Hl lM TOXlC : yeah its unwinnable because you were 0-7 botlane 10 mins in Hl lM TOXlC : complaining that the game is unwinnable because of every lane but theirs lmaooo Hl lM TOXlC : = to the logic of antivaxxers Hl lM TOXlC : you dont get help when you cant even lane Hl lM TOXlC : you need to not be pushed in the whole game Hl lM TOXlC : and maybe you could get a gank Hl lM TOXlC : once in a while Hl lM TOXlC : or you could realize that you're both silver/low iron and realize you dont know anything about the game lmao Hl lM TOXlC : like actual lmfao Post-Game Hl lM TOXlC : when your mid singed does better than your botlane lmfao (The match itself)
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