Apparently Trolling does go by with Riot's punishment system

Evidence: Credit to @A Nunu for publifying this. Not gonna be a snitch and claim credit here, But I did think it would be half a decent idea to promote this in it's own post. Basically, this picture confirms you can go on a massive trolling spree and get away if you even slightly make it look like you are "just having a bad game", Example here, one. and i mean ONE, single, fucking, win. Followed by 46 games of trolling **IN A ROW**. Great to know that those "Why is trolling not punished" posts were not entirely bullshit. Edit: Not 46...47 losses. Edit 2: If one takes a closer look, then the supposted troll degraded himself all the way down from masters back to platinum. Edit 3: Wow, did not expect downvotes. How come people love hatetalk, but hate presentable evidence? I for the love of all sanity cannot see why people disagree with cold, hard, black on white proof.
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