Isn't permanent bans way too much?

(Before you downvote this, let me clarify this: I was close to get a permaban two times I'm my entire League career. I got my first 2-week suspension 2 years ago and my second one last year. I got my first suspension because I was a total idiot, but my second suspension was one of the dumpest suspensions I have ever seen. My behavior has been slightly improved. I see someone toxic? I mute and after the game, i report). Don't you guys think that permabanning people is a bit too much? I mean, I have seen people saying even worse, for example people that say "homophobic slurs" ,are not gettinf banned, but people that don't say any single offensive thing, are getting banned. Also I believe that permabans are bringing worse fame to League. In my opinion, knowing that permabans exist, they make league players even more toxic even those who didn't get any single suspension because they afraid of it.They also hurt bussiness. It makes them feeling unsecured because they might get one while they put all their efforts to improve their accounts collection or giving money and after that, they might stop spending money. For me personally, 1-month suspension after a 2-week suspension instead of a permaban would work just fine. (Edit: The purpose of this topic is not meant say "toxicity and negative abuse is a good thing", I was just considered some negative stuffs of being permabanned that may hurt the game, not to encourage toxicity or negative abuse, and i wanted to read your thoughts on that)
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