I have been falsely Permabanned

Hello I Papalug and I have been banned falsely. I was trying to be nice in the game the only bad thing I said was passive aggressive and that was ur bad if that toxic enough for a perm-ban. Yes I should have muted him. But it got the best of me when I get spam pinged it is hard not to type to them after. If I typed 1 sentence in the game I would not have been banned probably. After saying some neutral statements I turned on my positive mindset and was trying to win which by the way allowed me to climb from d4 to d2 and I was on my way to masters with having a positive mindset, which is making me type more in chat by saying things like we got this! wp! gj! and we can still win I'll carry. With this ban I suppose I should never type in chat and it is unusable because if multiple players report you out of frustration of their gameplay in the game, and you have typed in the game a certain amount you will get chat restricted or banned. Here of the logs of the game Game 1 Pre-Game Papalug: ad Papalug: u banned Papalug: my Papalug: 1 trick top :( Papalug: itsk Papalug: ik Papalug: ? Papalug: im talking about kassadin Papalug: lol Papalug: its ok Papalug: i play syndra Papalug: too Papalug: i meant to say ag Papalug: dodge? ( people saying dodge cause i didnt pick my 1 trick cause banned and elise 1 trick was playing wu who said gg) In-Game Papalug: how are you underlevel Papalug: lmao Papalug: insane Papalug: same Papalug: see Papalug: i am not a 1 trick Papalug: i am clapping this kid mid Papalug: with 0 help from jg Papalug: ? Papalug: o Papalug: wpo Papalug: still doesnt give me bloue Papalug: XD Papalug: ag Papalug: predict i go up Papalug: :( Papalug: ag Papalug: I SHOULDNT HAVE FGOLLOED ( here wanted to type followed) Papalug: aSDFDSJNIKBGhl Papalug: this Papalug: wukong Papalug: is Papalug: so Papalug: bad Papalug: its insane Papalug: 1/6 Papalug: dude Papalug: your Papalug: kdding right Papalug: i 1v2 mid Papalug: all game Papalug: and u ff Papalug: when getting carried Papalug: XD Papalug: DIAMOND Papalug: imagonna carry udelusional diamond Papalug: hardstuck Papalug: ad Papalug: champ Papalug: is Papalug: kai sai Papalug: bot wave Papalug: was Papalug: at Papalug: tower Papalug: just Papalug: mute all Papalug: eveyrone Papalug: ill carry Papalug: just Papalug: mute Papalug: pleas Papalug: we are Papalug: playing Papalug: diamond players Papalug: ez win Papalug: please Papalug: omg Papalug: kai sa Papalug: that wasnuts Papalug: im p useless Papalug: just gonna r e Papalug: for u guys Papalug: so close Papalug: i did the right combo Papalug: lets go mid then top Papalug: or Papalug: mid then end Papalug: either is good Papalug: :) Papalug: no team feelsbad Papalug: i pinged u were coming Papalug: ggez Papalug: & Papalug: ^ Post-Game Papalug: see winnable kai sa Papalug: :D The kai sa by the way is repeatedly flaming him the whole game before me, which was worse than what I barely said and I am certain he didn't get a ban.
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