Police the ACTIONS, not the WORDS

1. If someone is raging lunatic, I have options to solve my own problem with them. a. Mute b. Block Problem solved. RIOT, respectively, I do not need you to legislate communication or social issues. Are we Back in the USSR (you don't how how lucky you are) ? 2. What I need from you, is to penalize the ghosting, the INTING, the AFK'ing, the TROLLING, and the ACTIONABLE GRIEFING. Solve problem 2, and problem 1 solves itself. *Perhaps because I was born before the millenial crisis, I feel empowered to solve my own problems which I can, and only ask for help with issues out of my control. *Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me? Perhaps RIOT should add this to the TIP: upon loading? /shrug
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