I absolutely want some sort of riot employee to messages me. legit pissed off.

Yes i just alt f4'd you know why? It wasn't because my bard built adc, it's not because he was swearing at me and calling me names the entire game and constantly trying to turn people in all chat onto me. It's because he threw. Im 2-0 in lane and i go for a tower dive to kill draven, 1 tower auto WILL kill me. What does he do? he ULTS DRAVEN SO I CANNOT KILL HIM AND I DIE. To this i asked "why did you ult draven and not the tower?" his reply "because you are being a little bitch and i do what i want" WE WERE WINNING LANE. then he proceeds to troll me for 20 minutes, get me killed, take my farm, lead people to me. and he keeps saying "why because im having fun in normals?" How can people be expected to stay through this shit? i REALLY want something to be done about this tbh. I dont care if it is normals, try to win the damn game and dont troll your team for literally no reason. inb4 "you shouldnt give up on the rest of your team" why not? so i can sit there and be absolutely miserable and not get to play the game myself? i didnt do anything to flame him previous to this. How is this type of stuff allowed to even occur?
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