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I was given a 10-game chat restriction. They give me a little paragraph or two about how we need to be more positive and mature then sent me a list of what I said. Can someone please read what I said and tell me what I did wrong? I was playing a meta-support (Leona) building myself correctly with more assists/kills than deaths. I was warding and helping my team. What did I say that was "toxic" or "nasty" and makes me a bad person to the community? I was insulted. I was called stupid, a feeder, a troll, an idiot, and so on. I never reacted with an insult or put anyone down. Was me saying " omfg aatrox :/ " considered toxic when he dived a 1v3 and got 1-shot by the enemy team? Help me understand what I can do better. It's just not clicking with me. Thank you! :) Game 1 Zavolk: gotta stay at the vanguard Zavolk: it's fine we gotz diz boys/girls :D Zavolk: i am insecure AND pathetic ;) Zavolk: we had that :( Zavolk: what addon gives you timers and tells u when they use a summoner spell? Zavolk: drag Zavolk: drag Zavolk: drag Zavolk: we will win this i promise :) Zavolk: dont give up Zavolk: we have drag and more cs Zavolk: we can still win pretty easily Zavolk: yea tbh just farm up top - play defensive - and we will win late game Zavolk: WHY? Zavolk: why? Zavolk: omfg aatrox :/ Zavolk: dude Zavolk: dude Zavolk: lol ok man good luck Zavolk: im done Zavolk: i shouldn't play support at silver mmr normal games Zavolk: cait we won our lane Zavolk: such a shame Zavolk: i was posiitive until ppl started feeding Zavolk: i blame myself - i am setting up plays that ppl just dont see Zavolk: okay gg im done Zavolk: yup Zavolk: im done Zavolk: enjoy your loss Zavolk: no im done Zavolk: im not gonna support kids who haven't even been gold-5 lol Zavolk: ive been trying to hard Zavolk: and nobody is playing Zavolk: why should i keep giving 100% if nobody else is trying? Zavolk: i was 0/0/2 until jungler started feeding bot Zavolk: * 0/4/2 Zavolk: thanks for backing me up - these 4 are legit blaming me for everything - i don't get it Zavolk: i said i hate giving 100% when people don't put in effort Zavolk: gg wp - sorry for the bad game Zavolk: you're kidding me right? Zavolk: okay :) Zavolk: how is dying being toxic? Zavolk: me getting 3 assists is being toxic? Zavolk: yea..... and im the one being "toxic and feeding" lol Zavolk: gg - glad my team mates took turns insulting me and blaming me for everything
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