Perma-Banned on my main account I've had since 2012

Right now, I'm feeling sad, very sad. I was banned after a game where I admit to being somewhat toxic towards my jungler, who btw was reported by the rest of the team and rightfully so because of stealing kills, feeding lanes etc. But the thing I don't understand is why I got Perma-Banned. I was suspended for 2 weeks about 1-2 months ago but to go from being suspended for 2 weeks to a permaban is at least to me a little bit too drastic. For example I have a friend that used to play League, that got several chat restrictions and from my point of view these chat-restrictions should be for people being toxic in chat and my friend used to not only flame but also run it down mid quite a few times. I've never had one of those chat-restrictions but most Importantly I can proudly say that I've never inted, but I have flamed in chat so now I'm asking you guys, do you feel like I've been treated fairly in this matter? If you agree/disagree please motivate why. Best regards from a recently perma-banned Platinum player : ^)
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