The edge of what is and isn't inting, IMO

If someone is literally running down mid and dying repeatedly, that's definitely inting. If someone has over 20 deaths, very low kills/assists, it's almost certainly inting. But, if someone is losing lane and doing poorly, at what moment do they start inting? Lets set up a scenario. Garen top VS Fiora. Garen is getting completely rekt, he's 0/4 and the CS is 17 to 60. It's about 10 minutes into the game. He is not inting if -he gets ganked turret dived 2v1 -he gets turret dived 1v1 -he gets flashed on and/or killed from a long range -he gets ganked and killed before he gets under tower -he gets inseced or stunlocked by a jungler He is inting if -He continues to walk up to fight fiora, knowing that it's definitely going to be death, repeatedly. (While getting 0 cs for it) You can't tell me that repeatedly walking up to a champion you know will kill you isn't inting. You know you are going to die if this happens, and you do it anyway. That's by definition intentionally feeding/dying. If you can't recognize that you can't fight them after dying 3 times and being at a large CS disadvantage, then I am seriously questioning how you manage to get through the process of downloading league in the first place.
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