How to control rage/tilt?

Hey everyone! I've been really investing time to become better at the game, watching videos, going into practice tool farming CS, focusing on champs I am good at/OP for the current patch. I'm doing everything I can to get out of Bronze and into Silver. My goal for this season is to get S2. I want to climb as high as I can to get into Gold in a season or two. My gameply isnt perfect but I would like to think my microplays are better than most at the bronze level. With all that being said, when my team gets demolished and then they resort to being toxic, flaming. and inting, how can I avoid myself from being FILLED with rage and so pissed to a point it makes me want to cry? -When I get super pissed, I start to cry, just how I am- I know I am not the best player (obv I'm B1) but how can I control my tilt better? I don't go off in chat but i start wanting to yell and smash things IRL. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you TL;DR I'm improving my game. How can I handle tilt when team is being toxic, flaming, int'ing, etc.
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