Unfairly Banned, chat logs inside

Hello boards and Riot, I think I was unfairly banned. Here are the chat logs from the ARAM game that got me banned. The only toxic thing I said was "braniac." And I do not think that calling someone a braniac, even sarcastically, deserves a ban. As for KYS, I 100% meant it. I wanted my team to go suicide to their tower so that we could all be alive for the next fight in our ARAM. This is a valid tactic. Game 1 SnakDatSmilesBak: all of u kys SnakDatSmilesBak: go ham SnakDatSmilesBak: kys all of u SnakDatSmilesBak: deal with it SnakDatSmilesBak: if u guys died here SnakDatSmilesBak: u would be here to defend SnakDatSmilesBak: kys = kill youreself SnakDatSmilesBak: which u should be doing in this mode SnakDatSmilesBak: brainiac SnakDatSmilesBak: ggwp! It's unedited, straight from the client. I want to add, I already know that "KYS" is a zero tolerance phrase. Riot, consider this civil disobedience. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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