Shadow and Rhaast Kayn forms and the flame Shadow Assassin receives

I have noticed a huge issue in the community players. Kayn is a pretty versatile champion and offers a lot to a team comp but Rhaast is the only form I see people be able to play without getting flamed out by someone in the match. I understand that yeah he is a high damage bruiser with a knock up but why does that warrant people getting flamed for going Shadow Assassin? Assassin players exist within the game because they like being highly mobile squishy characters who aim for the backline to ultimately shut down the Adc or Mage. Even in matches where the team is four squishies and one bruiser I see Shadow Assassin Kayn's get flamed. What is with all the hate on Shadow Assassin in general? There shouldn't be this much hate on someone liking one thing more than the other or preferring the playstyle difference of Rhaast and Shadow Assassin.
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