Fight with Honor on PBE!

**EDITS**: _fixed profile page ranked emblem mouse over note, formatting changes for (hopefully) increased clarity, added link to Instant Feedback System penalties._ Hey everyone, the big update to Honor that New001 [mentioned yesterday]( is now on PBE! Here’s some details so you know what to expect when you see the new Honor ceremony and categories, rise in Honor levels, and unlock rewards along the way. Honor Ceremony • A new voting screen appears after every matchmade, non-remake game. • Honor one teammate per game, we’re planning to add a way to shout out opponents after launch. • Mouse over a teammate, choose a category, then click to vote before time runs out. The new categories are: ◦◦◦ **Stayed cool**: That tilt-proof top laner who took a beating but didn’t give up. ◦◦◦ **Great Shotcalling**: The adc who made a slick Baron call after cleaning up a teamfight. ◦◦◦ **GG <3**: The player who saved your butt or even just cracked a good joke. • Everyone has one of those days, so there’s a vote skip button. • The game client now automatically closes ~8s after nexus destruction. End of Game • At the End of Game screen, you’ll see the honors you’ve received. • If you got a majority of the team’s honors, everyone sees a celebration over your summoner name. • At level 3+, a small gemstone will signal when you’ve unlocked loading screen flair in your next game (details on this below!) Honor Level • You have an Honor level that lasts all season! Everyone starts fresh at Honor Level 2. Yay! You max out your Honor level at 5 by playing games and consistently playing to win. **For testing purposes, leveling up will be faster on PBE than when Honor launches.** • Earning Honor game to game will level you up slightly faster, but honors are not required to level up. It’s about consistency, not one standout performance. ◦◦◦ You only lose Honor levels by getting hit with penalties. Simply not receiving Honor will not level you down. Profile page • Profile elements have been re-arranged to incorporate the Honor emblem. ◦◦◦ Mouse over your Ranked emblem to see your other Ranked stats as usual. • Other players’ honor levels are hidden for privacy! No peeking! >.> Penalties • Getting hit with [penalties]( level you down, and temporarily lock you out of rewards. • Your Honor lock state can be seen on your profile (only visible to you ) and can be lifted by consistent sportsmanlike games. • You’ll get a notification when you’ve “unlocked”, and your profile will update at the same time Rewards: • Key fragments now drop through Honor. ◦◦◦ Everyone who’s level 2 (starting level) or above gets all their free key fragments by just playing games without getting hit with penalties ◦◦◦ Earning Honor votes is not required to get your keys ◦◦◦ Winning is no longer required to earn keys. ◦◦◦ Keys no longer drop at end-of-game, but periodically while outside of queue. • Honor level 3+ players earn loading screen flair by receiving honors. ◦◦◦ This flair lasts for one game. ◦◦◦ You get flair in your next game if two premade teammates, or one non-premade teammate honors you ◦◦◦ There’s no cooldown on flair, so you earn it every game you meet the honor conditions above ◦◦◦ Your flair unlocks at level 3, grows at level 4, and fully blooms at level 5. • **There will be more rewards coming to live**. We’ll be sharing more rewards details as we approach launch ;) We’d love to get your feedback! We’ll also be hanging around to answer questions, so drop a line!
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