[PERMANENT BAN] Just got banned from being egged on by other players. LOG INCLUDED

Game 1 In-Game [MY SUPPORT GETS KILLED LVL 1 ON BLUE SIDE IN OUR BRUSH IN FRONT OF KRUGS, our Yasuo top started cussing at our lux asking why are you even there, fkin idiot, etc. and made my lux walk away from me to type back at him and got me killed lvl 1] This was my response to him: TAlZONE: uh TAlZONE: you mean TAlZONE: why are they even there?? TAlZONE: nobody does that shit dude He kept cussing and egging us after we died because our twitch didn't get a leash since Lux died TAlZONE: ff TAlZONE: cuz i dont wanna play with u TAlZONE: u made my lux type TAlZONE: and made me get shredded [He's swearing at jungle and support and me] TAlZONE: stfu yas TAlZONE: u havent stfu [Here was a troll move by yasuo, a 100HP tryndamere was under his tower and yasuo ulti'd him and just died without any escapes, 100% intentional feeding] - Do note that I play on censor mode so all my swear words are starred out. TAlZONE: YOU FUCKING TAlZONE: ULTI'D HIM TAlZONE: YOU ARE TRASH TAlZONE: fkin ulti'd TAlZONE: a 100 hp tryn TAlZONE: you are stuck TAlZONE: 15ff [Ahri mid laner responded that other team has no tank when clearly they do....] TAlZONE: yall kno we had no tank yet u still wanna play wat u want TAlZONE: u blind [ALL chat to other team, yasuo has been toxic since lux died] TAlZONE: wish i can forward time faster TAlZONE: report yas TAlZONE: toxic af since lux died TAlZONE: he deserves this L [Other team was being toxic and said we deserve this loss, I agreed, we did deserve the loss based on our gameplay] TAlZONE: we all do TAlZONE: we all do TAlZONE: but my lux was typing and got me fked lvl 1 TAlZONE: def TAlZONE: super hardcore flame at that lvl 1 death [Other team ended up calling me a troll and all teamed up on me] TAlZONE: i was fill TAlZONE: yas made me play mid champ bot TAlZONE: "well learn to play mid bot" [Zyra on other team was being absolutely toxic and calling us trash so he won't report] TAlZONE: zyra ur toxic shh TAlZONE: im mid or top [The enemy team said they will report as soon as we surrender at 15ff, at this point, yasuo already left at 8 minutes. We tried to surrender at 15 but our jungler twitch said no, vote was 3/1.] TAlZONE: nice someone said no TAlZONE: it was ahri TAlZONE: it was twitch then TAlZONE: 100 [They said they won't report yasuo because we didn't surrender] TAlZONE: ok TAlZONE: we will TAlZONE: toxic asses TAlZONE: lvl 1 flame hardcore TAlZONE: he will be reported regardless of what u guys do TAlZONE: cause of logs [Tryndamere on enemy team was being toxic and told me i shoulda kept my mouth shut cause he will report me now and this is what I responded] TAlZONE: ur dady Post-Game [Tryndamere on enemy team, the one vs yasuo, obviously got his entire team to report me. He told me i should have kept my mouth shut] TAlZONE: ur dady Obviously, a response like ur dady was immature from me, or especially the hard difficulties of what other players go through such as a death of a loved one. I can see why that can cause a permanent ban but it was very immature of me to say such a thing. But I don't think the system can be fair without having a look at other players logs to see why I said what I said. In the end, I didn't even report them regardless of what they said, I was just ready for the next one. Yes, the response was immature and definitely not required, I understand that. I let the other players get the best of my emotions. They tried hard to make me tilt and it worked. But I put a lot of $$$ into my account and I really don't think I deserved a permanent ban off of this, 14 or one month ban yes but a permanent...? If I do get unbanned, I will not use the chat and show others proper respect. I often don't use the chat either unless its for calling plays. I'm really surprised my antics caused me a permanent ban and I'm very upset with this kind of call, but in the end I will respect the decision that was made if nobody can help me. I'm not a Tyler1. I stay in the game, I try to win. I don't afk. I've carried plenty of games when the odds are slim. I always have a positive mindset and I try to encourage others to do better.. But this game got the best of me and I apologize for disrespecting anyone. I always play on censor mode but our yasuo was insanely toxic, negative, and honestly trolled. He lost his lane on his own and had the nerves to cuss out his team
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