Can someone please help explain to me why I was banned for two weeks because of these two games?

Game 1 In-Game Spyndamere: what? Spyndamere: what did I do wrong? Spyndamere: explain to me Spyndamere: what I did wrong Spyndamere: please Spyndamere: we werent level 2 Spyndamere: dont q Spyndamere: if we arent lvl 2 Spyndamere: ffs Spyndamere: btw Spyndamere: thats reportable Spyndamere: hey eve Spyndamere: naut is legit trolling me Spyndamere: can u gank? Spyndamere: get me ahead i can 1 v 2 the lane babe Spyndamere: please? Spyndamere: i really need a gank Spyndamere: naut is not frontline for me Spyndamere: hes denying farm Spyndamere: please help me out here Spyndamere: i dont want to lose, id like to win Spyndamere: eve gank for me babe Spyndamere: please Spyndamere: im begging Spyndamere: i want to win, dont you? Spyndamere: dude im begging you to help me out and youre ignoring me? Spyndamere: are you duo with naut? Spyndamere: what the fuck is happening Spyndamere: i legit dont understand Spyndamere: why people dont play to win Spyndamere: but que ranked Spyndamere: LOL Spyndamere: irelia Spyndamere: can you come gank? Spyndamere: we can 2 v 2 Spyndamere: please sir Spyndamere: why is this naut Spyndamere: not playing to win Spyndamere: i dont udnerstand Spyndamere: i begged you all game Spyndamere: to gank for me Spyndamere: and you havent typed to me once Spyndamere: just complained Spyndamere: i told you Spyndamere: he didnt want to win Spyndamere: since 3 minutes Spyndamere: its obvious Spyndamere: dude Spyndamere: quit typing already Spyndamere: youre just being toxic Spyndamere: for no reason Spyndamere: we need sweapers Spyndamere: for teemo shrooms please Spyndamere: fair enough Spyndamere: i genuinly dont understand Spyndamere: why naut Spyndamere: qued for rank as support Spyndamere: and doesnt play to win?? Spyndamere: i need red Spyndamere: plz Post-Game Spyndamere: naut Spyndamere: you didnt play to win Spyndamere: one time Spyndamere: LOL Spyndamere: i reported you Spyndamere: gl in the tribunal Spyndamere: obvious trolling Game 2 Pre-Game Spyndamere: dw i ban yummi every game In-Game Spyndamere: good pulls pyke Spyndamere: thats how we win Spyndamere: we engage on them Spyndamere: vs getting engaged on Spyndamere: no pressure pyke Spyndamere: but we have to go hard Spyndamere: gj pyke <3 Spyndamere: fk off Spyndamere: this lee sin 1 v9 Spyndamere: so proud of u pyke Spyndamere: w.e Spyndamere: bot the only lane that didnt hard lose Spyndamere: so ofc they just all come here Spyndamere: LOL Spyndamere: ff please Spyndamere: lee sin afk bot Spyndamere: every lane lost before he started camping bot Spyndamere: so ofc he just sits here lol Spyndamere: aatrox what are you doing? Spyndamere: under our turret? Spyndamere: hmm Spyndamere: thinking Spyndamere: report aatrox Spyndamere: he legit Spyndamere: doesnt want to win Spyndamere: he afk botlane Spyndamere: easy report Spyndamere: thanks Spyndamere: please group as 5 Spyndamere: holy fuck Spyndamere: if we dont fight Spyndamere: we lose Spyndamere: you understand that right Spyndamere: theyre at our nexus Post-Game Spyndamere: what I said actually was Spyndamere: botlane was the lane Spyndamere: who lost the least Spyndamere: thats why they came Spyndamere: after mid, top, and jg Spyndamere: got fucking shit on Spyndamere: thats facts guys Spyndamere: we had an eve? Spyndamere: lol Spyndamere: aatrox i legit Spyndamere: cant play the game Spyndamere: and explain to you Spyndamere: how to play the game Spyndamere: at the same time Spyndamere: but thanks for wanting to lose Spyndamere: and not grouping Spyndamere: enjoy sitting at this elo for 10 years Spyndamere: ill bookmark you Spyndamere: and enjoy watching it sit Spyndamere: thanks! I genuinely don't understand which part of my behavior stops me from playing the game for two weeks. I play games all day long, people's feelings get hurt because they don't win, so they report after the game. I honestly think it's bullshit. I play with trolls, intentional feeders, and passive aggressive flamers all day long but they don't get banned. Or at least I don't get notified with my reports. I also see high elo streamers say or act MUCH WORSE than I did in these two games and yet they never get banned either. Because I don't stream or I'm not high elo I'm worthless to riot? Or is it because I haven't bought an RP card in three years that I'm not considered worth anything? I really have a hard with this crap.
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