Riot, what is your actual plan for dealing with trolls?

In the Replays FAQ, Riot answers the following question: >I CAME ACROSS A BAD BEHAVIOR/TROLLING CASE WHILE I WAS PLAYING, CAN I SEND THE REPLAY TO PLAYER SUPPORT AS A REPORT? To which they respond: >No. You know the drill: if you see cases of trolling, intentional feeding or bad behavior, please report it after the game as usual. The Instant Feedback System will take care of this for us! Which, after all these years with it, I've yet to see any improvement on the system except for intentional feeding. Which is great, but honestly that's the easiest thing (aside from flaming) that's easy to program a bot to detect. But what about other methods of trolling, such as taking Nunu smite support and stealing your junglers camps while following them around? Or telling the enemy in all chat where your jungler is? Or holding a game hostage? Will these players only be punished when a post about them reaches the front page or boards or reddit? I know you're against the tribunal because it was painfully slow, but I think we need some kind of system where live players can look at these reports. I'll level with you guys, I don't care if it takes months for someone to be punished, as long as they're punished.
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