This was my perma ban chat log (URF CHAT)

Game 1 In-Game TerminatorG5: wow akali is op TerminatorG5: lol TerminatorG5: 0 shame TerminatorG5: what a %%% TerminatorG5: as in one that i have smoked TerminatorG5: LOL TerminatorG5: every time i have a %%% TerminatorG5: i gotta smoke it TerminatorG5: akali is trash TerminatorG5: so sad TerminatorG5: 4v5 TerminatorG5: nope TerminatorG5: its 4v5 TerminatorG5: yup TerminatorG5: let m,e get a kill so my gold resets TerminatorG5: +_+ TerminatorG5: this is fun in its own way lol TerminatorG5: you cant get moire than 1 tear? TerminatorG5: that makes me cry TerminatorG5: lol TerminatorG5: wow TerminatorG5: pick more OP people TerminatorG5: fizz, jhin, umi TerminatorG5: akali TerminatorG5: mundo is crap this game mode, idk why you pick himj TerminatorG5: please win now TerminatorG5: you idiots should be fed enough to win a 4v5 TerminatorG5: report MF TerminatorG5: game crashed for 15 miniutes? Post-Game TerminatorG5: lets be real idiots TerminatorG5: you cant win 4v5 urf TerminatorG5: yes TerminatorG5: but not when you start losing TerminatorG5: you need to start winning TerminatorG5: and that did not happen TerminatorG5: you cant report for accelerating the end result

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