Permabanned for using a third party software

Can someone please help me resolve this issue. I just randomly got this notification saying I've been permanently banned for using supposedly third-party software. I don't even understand how it happened or even what happened did I do something? Update: I just took a look at my match history and saw 2 games were played right after I got off from last game at night I honestly feel so frustrated like I am crying while writing this because I've had this account for 10 years since this game first came out. And seeing something like this happen to me just throws in a huge weight of stress. The fact that I permabanned following from getting hacked. If anyone get ahold of a rioter or any employee please I ask for the community's help or anyone's really. UPDATE: THANK THE LORD THEY RESOLVED THE ISSUE OMG IM LITERALLY CRYING AGAIN {{item:3070}}
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