I have got chat restriction because i played GP support

Hi, im a GP one trick and i play him everywhere, even the support and adc. Its not the best i agree, and there are many better picks, but i enjoy it and there has never been a problem with it. This game, however, my team flamed me since pre game, they were verbally abusing me the entire game, i was just trying to defend myself, and i didnt use any offensive language or anything like that. I did really play support, i bought wards and support items, didnt take CS and i only poked in lane. At the begining of the game i said that GP cant really help if ADC gets caught, and she was attacking me verbally from that moment. I said that only because i was sure they were gonna flame me since they started in pre game. After that she just ran into them, died and my entire team started spamming ´´Report GP trolling´´ and verbally harassing me. Please look at the logs, you can clearly see i didnt say anything inapropriate, and i have never in the 6 years of playing this game get chat restricted. Also why cant i send what they said to me? Because it is obvious that they were harrasing me not the other way around... Well, heres my Account and the game in question: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/summoner/eune/Whitemamut https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/match/eune/2122395806#participant8 After i submitted the ticket to riot, since this was my first time restriction in the long time i have played the game, i got instant response from a Bot saying i was report 5x in 20 games. Im 100% certain 4 of those were my teammates from that one game, and im 100% sure this shouldnt result in a ban.. In-Game Whitemamut: gp supp doesnt offer much protection so be careful trist. Whitemamut: i cant do much if u get caught by lux Q Whitemamut: :DDD Whitemamut: nah Whitemamut: just sayin Whitemamut: coz im 100% sure ppl gonna flame Whitemamut: well Whitemamut: i said it Whitemamut: i mean:DDDDD Whitemamut: :D Whitemamut: yes i can see that trist wants to lose Whitemamut: tbh Whitemamut: and we can easily win this Whitemamut: lul Whitemamut: if i was Whitemamut: a fckin thresh Whitemamut: would it help? SHE DODGED NOTHIN LUL Whitemamut: NOT MY FAULT Whitemamut: LUL Whitemamut: i didnt barrel Whitemamut: this wave Whitemamut: lul Whitemamut: noc, if i may Whitemamut: i said nothin Whitemamut: HWTA Whitemamut: lus Whitemamut: if i was trollin i would be takin cs and fckin intin lul Whitemamut: if i pick Whitemamut: somethin off meta Whitemamut: is it TROLLING? Whitemamut: wtf is this game Whitemamut: i dont care what you think mate. Whitemamut: they are flaming me min 0 Whitemamut: and not listenin to anythin i say Whitemamut: just lame Whitemamut: if u saw the chat lul:DD Whitemamut: what Whitemamut: in what way am i a kid trying to get a reaction? u are all perma flaming me the entire game, then u just suicide and flame me more? Whitemamut: way too tilted to play this Whitemamut: ofc im trolling, not taking cs, gettin supp items Whitemamut: for what do u want to report me lul Whitemamut: ggwp
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