What the Hell am I Supposed to Do

I know hundreds of people complain about this. I know it happens to everyone. I know its just how people act. But I seriously have no clue what to do. 50% of my games I am 15/3 or something ridiculous, but my team is just calling each other "retard", "f-cking dum-ss", "feeding son of a -----". I am literally spamming trying to tell people to just play and chill. "Guys we just have to get an inhib and it will balance", "rammus please dont call the adc a retard", "its ok that ahri has been afk for 15 mins, she has internet probs". I can't do anything. I lose every game I'm carrying because of people just naturally being a dick to each other. I wan't to get to Plat, but not because I want a fancy border or so I can brag to my friends. I just want to play with people who play the game. No one ever plays the game in my elo. They are playing who can burn out their keyboard first. I'm 4W 3L in promos right now. The KDA's in order are 11/5/9 (W), 20/9/21 (W), 10/2/9 (W), 9/4/12 (W), 5/6/8 (L), 8/6/6 (L), 12/6/12 (L). I wish there was a button to just not do promos. It doesn't even make that much a difference how well I do in my promos, because I will start below where I was anyway. There needs to be a study done on the effects of online gaming and its correlation to sadism, because it just doesn't stop. http://imgur.com/qRy6ef6

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