got suspended

i dont know why i got banned so can u check and give me an answear i got suspended for abusive Game 1 abdigaps: dude kys abdigaps: i dont care just do it abdigaps: eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy abdigaps: XDDDDDDDDDDDD abdigaps: damn abdigaps: Zed why no kys abdigaps: rep jg abdigaps: 0 gank abdigaps: XD abdigaps: after bronze feed abdigaps: spam jg abdigaps: yup abdigaps: XD abdigaps: lol abdigaps: Zed kys abdigaps: hate u abdigaps: r abdigaps: g abdigaps: gj abdigaps: hate ur pass abdigaps: iv abdigaps: i hate zed shadow an kog passive and all crit abdigaps: only that abdigaps: XD abdigaps: haha abdigaps: sona XD abdigaps: gj abdigaps: focus fk kog7 abdigaps: omg abdigaps: swden abdigaps: XD abdigaps: lagg abdigaps: not fair abdigaps: XDE abdigaps: close abdigaps: lagg abdigaps: sona abdigaps: why abdigaps: onor kofg

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