I told my 1/9/1 jg vayne in my Gold 1 promos

"fuck you for picking vayne" "how dare you call anyone trash" "muted" and I was Permanently Banned. Cool game. I know perma bans don't come without more examples, but my previous bans were just as bad on the system is my opinion. My first ban was litterally saying "wow fuck this trash afk" and the AFK person reported me(because they 'actively' AFK) and I was actually flagged and given a 2 week ban for talking trash about a level 3 urgot sitting in fountain at 22 minutes. I even sent a ticket with a VOD and you didn't restore my honor, unban me, or anything, according to you Riot, that's how Honor works K? I UNDERSTAND being toxic in chat is not allowed but Riot, you seriously have no sympathy for people actually playing the game. Ps. That is not the full chat log. I said much more to Vayne, and am not surprised I was flagged. It's just bullshit still. Doesn't anyone feel the same? the dude litterally had 4,000 vayne mastery too, like what is even the point of having chat if people only actively try to lose the game? also obviously the fight starts with him engaging on my lane poorly into 2 champions alone and dying then flaming me first...zzzz banned.
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