I got reported - and all I did was miss a Baron attempt (apparently I'm now "racist")

I thought I'd play a happy game of league of legends - pick my favourite champ "Kled/Skaarl" and play for a bit of fun. Instead I die twice in the first 10 minutes and my top laner begins telling me how to play my "damn champ" even though i actually main Kled He really starts to flame me hard - saying I'm the "worst player ever" and therefore I mute him However, after I miss a surprise Baron attempt - (I was in bot lane) - my team lose the Baron and I get all the blame for not being there Then the worst part? - My top laner starts putting stuff into the all chat (I unmuted to check to see if anything was being said) and he was LYING into the all chat saying I'd been "racist" and "inappropriate" I really didn't want a report for this because its not true - I'm honor lvl 5 and yet when I have a bad game - that makes it alright for people to reprot me for stuff that completely isn't true. This was one of the worst LoL experiences I've had and I don't want to just leave my LoL experience at that... I'm not looking for sympathy because I know I won't get it. All I'm saying is that LoL has become very toxic and aggressive over these last few months and because of players like this I now want to quit the game yet it seems a bit of a waste to lose all I've done. Is this report something to worry about? And what is the solution to this? - I could /mute all and then lose out on some valueble info (eg/ ss mid) or could miss some lie being told to get me reproted... I just want to hear other people's thoughts - is LoL getting too aggressive or is that just my experiences? Thanks for reading - I know it wasn't exactly cheerful... It doesn't help that Kled only has one skin too...
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