Proposals for perma banned players

Hello there boards! I hope you're having a wonderful morning or evening. Permanent suspensions are a frequent topic within the LoL community. After receiving three warnings, you still failed to stop being toxic and flaming (or inting) excessively and were banned. Now, just last night, my friend received that ominious pop-up on his client: Your account has been penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. Please relog to see your ban duration and reform card. We were voice-cjatting on Discord, and he was praying: please let it be a 14-day ban, please. And alas, it was a permanent ban. He was completely DEVASTATED. His account had been level 205 with over sixty skins. He was so, so, so upset, and while he did flame, it still felt heartbreaking. I asked him what he'd do if Riot gave him a second chance. He responded, "I didn't think I'd actually get permabanned. I'd never talk again." That's just my story. I'm sure most of you have a story about getting permabanned. Now, onto my proposals. i think we should give permabanned players a chance to appeal their punishment and get to use their account again. HOWEVER, In order to apply, you must have a level 30 account with an honor level of 3+, which has never received a punishment for toxic behaviour (similar to the requirements to make a PBE account). This would prove that the permabanned player has reformed. Now, after they get their account back, give them a very, very long chat restriction. Make them have a maximum for two message at a time,and the ban lasts 100-200 games, maybe even the rest of the season. Perhaps ban them from ranked queues for the duration of their chat ban, since in my experience ranked appears to blossom toxic behavior. That's my proposal to give perma-banned players a second chance. Of course, at even the slightest gesture of toxicity, ban them again and make them ineligible to appeal again. Now, I have a suggestion to help players realize that they are being toxic. Most players say things they do not mean in the heat of a game, and regret it heavily afterwards. I know I have. However, there's something we can do to help with this! In the old client, there was something of a notifaction, that told you that you had been recently reported for verbal abuse, and that you should watch what you say in game. We should bring this back (and actually make it work, unlike the gifting pop-up). I also know that your Honor progress will get slowed if you're being toxic, but not toxic enough to warrant a punishment - but without a notifcation. I think you should get a popup-, similar to a reform card, saying something alongs of the lines: "Greetings Summonor. You have recently exhibited unsportsmanlike behavior on the battlefield, and your Honor progress has been slowed. We know League can get heated at times, but please keep things respectful on the Fields of Justice!" I'm not an expert by any means, but I really think that these changes could help. Please share your opinions! I'd love to hear them. Have an amazing rest of your day or night. :)
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