My own take on "Riot's Rank Punishment System." Hope you agree.

I hate to say it, but I think there is a good reason to why NA's rank isn't taken to seriously and its because we don't punish the players who don't play competitive in a competitive league of legends environment (not to be confused with professional league of legends). How many times do competitive players have be punished for casual players going into rank to AFK/DC or give up. To that I say no more with my idea on how we should punish players for each offense._ (will not cover toxicity, extreme trolling, and intentional feeding as I think banning them with riots current way is the way to go). _ My idea is simple. Players that afk, dc, give up, or doesn't try to play the game will receive a **1 , 2, or a 3 week ban from RANK PLAY depending on the situation!** I personally don't think players have a excuse when they do this stuff in rank because they should already know that what they are doing is wrong as you must hit level 30 before even playing rank and a Riot themselves state that rank is for competitive players looking to improve and hone their skills! Though if Riot wants to give out a first time warning, then I guess I'm ok with it as long as their next offense is a long term ban from rank only. My reasoning for this is it would show players that there is a more distinct difference when you play normal games (casual) and rank games (serious big boi time). Not only that some people have bad games in league and decide to give up. I don't think giving up should be a complete ban from league. Just a "Hey, you know you are not supposed to do this in rank. If you don't want to take rank seriously and waste time for nine other players then just go to normals". End goal is to move players who don't take rank seriously into normals and have a healthy rank matchmaking for those who do.
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