Good Job Riot - 14-day suspension

Game 1 In-Game 88GLAM: ur lvl 5.. 88GLAM: shouldnt even be engaging 88GLAM: ff 88GLAM: do u ever pay attention 88GLAM: lmfao 88GLAM: y god 88GLAM: LOL 88GLAM: ur rakan 88GLAM: ok 88GLAM: just afk 88GLAM: pls 88GLAM: a rakan that doesnt know how to use him 88GLAM: just great 88GLAM: get me out 88GLAM: literally does nothing lmfao 88GLAM: wow, rakan did something 88GLAM: ya imma mute u 88GLAM: afk farming 88GLAM: report rakan , :) 88GLAM: im not about to int bc of u 88GLAM: w/e we'll see what riot thinks 88GLAM: u made no sense there 88GLAM: just be quiet 88GLAM: we/re losing and u guys feed 88GLAM: lmofa 88GLAM: perfec 88GLAM: says the 3/10 rakan 88GLAM: muted ur pings 88GLAM: not ur ugly mouth 88GLAM: the chase is real 88GLAM: i think renekton and i are the only competent ones 88GLAM: ? I know what I did by just looking at this chat. But as you can see by the match history, don't you think it's justified that I had feeders on the team and I didn't want to intentionally feed and got tilted? I've had chat restrictions before from teammates trolling. So, I understand why Riot gave me a 14-day suspension though, so no hard feelings Riot. Next time, I will just mute all and yell IRL like Tyler1 and all will be fine. Right? Like Yassuo said, "dog shit game".
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