New loophole in the IFS system -- READ FAST BEFORE DELETE

Listen the fuck up, make sure you bookmark/copy this and share it before some beta SJW mod takes it down, this shit turns the entire system on its head. As we all know, Riot constantly infringes on our rights by policing our use of chat, but baddies gotta know they're bad and trolls gotta be taught a lesson. So follow my simple instructions, and you'll forever be free of the Orwellian thought-policing that Rito thinks makes this game good. Trust me, I've tested this on all of my accounts. **Baddies: ** When dealing with shit noobs, there's a temptation to call them "trash" or "cancer". *Don't do it*. Rito's bitch IFS system picks up on that shit and punishes it, because the noobs feelings get triggered and Rito can't have that. *Don't worry about it*. That kind of talk is played out and weak anyway. Wanna know how to really deal with baddies? *Fucking encourage them*. Say "don't worry, you'll get them next time", or "nice try", or even fucking *silence*. This causes bad players to confront their own errors, which causes them infinitely more pain than straightforward insults could ever inflict. Hell, sometimes they'll even respond to your input by playing better, which gets you more of that sweet LP that you deserve. Plus, the biased honor system mistakes this for honorable conduct, which means you can even convince Rito to *reward* you for raking idiots over the coals. **Trolls:** Fellow warriors, we've all been here. Some clown steals your CS, builds shitty for fun, or just follows you around spamming emotes and leaching XP. *Fuck those guys*. I get the temptation to tell them how detrimental their existence is to the very concept of polite society, but once again, funkiller Rito swoops in and shuts our righteous anger down. But check it: the truth is, trolls fucking *want* you to talk like that to them. It's why they troll. Wanna really fuck with them? *Stay silent the entire game*. Shit drives them *nuts*. You can seriously put a troll into an existential spiral by simply not engaging with them, and it completely ruins their day. Mute them or don't, that's up to you, but the key is to remain *silent*. The best part about this is that dumbass Rito once again mistakes this for honorable conduct, so even though you caused some basement-dwelling cretin to completely rethink his life choices in a way that calling him an asshole never could, you *still* get honor rewards. Trust me guys, I'm already Honor 3 in the new season and will continue to handle trolls and bad players in the most cutting way possible *right under Rito's nose*, WHILE GETTING REWARDED TO DO IT, and **you can too!** inb4 delete
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