People who don't take Ranked games seriously...

...are literally the assholes of league. No, not the trolls, they're actually a bi-product of people not taking ranked seriously. No, not the feeders, they're also a bi-product of people not taking ranked seriously. When you queue up for Ranked it equates to you signing up, joining a professional sports team that has a rotating roster and competing to be the top of the ranks. After-all, league is a sport, remember? So to all you trolls and feeders who have experienced a player just not giving a shit about the fact they're holding YOU back from advancing because they're not bringing a competitive spirit, attitude or even gameplay (because let's be honest, why are you playing in the pro-scene if you don't consider yourself to be 'good enough'), I understand Finally, to all you casuals clogging up the rungs of the Ranked Ladder, please do everyone a favor and stick to Normals, ARAM and PVE. Sincerely, Bronze V
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