Why is being "toxic"/Angry in a game were you have to rely on your teammates a bad thing?

When i play a game i make sure that if I'm already mad or in a bad mood i don't play cause why make my self even angrier but when i do play why am i the bad guy for getting mad at the 0/15, 32 cs ap midlane ezreal? should i just sit there and be like its fines we can still win its not like there 23/1 trist is unbeatable. should i just say you can do it next game just try harder! No he should be told that he is bad and need to improve outside of ranked i dont understand why people are such pussy's today when i call some one trash or tell then to just leave it would be better for the game. I don't say that to people who don't deserve it i say it to the people that don't understand that there wasting my time by being so bad. I can play 2 maybe 3 game before i just have to get off because of how retarded the player base is. In normal's i don't really care thats were you go to get better and try new stuff out but in ranked i don't think being angry or toxic is really a bannable offence its like doing a job with 4 other people that all said "Ya i can do that" and then on guys just starts lighting everything on fire should i just sit there and let him keep lighting things on fire or should i tell me him to fucking stop and leave? I'm not the best player and im not perfect but i understand how the game works and how to play i don't really ever get over 5 deaths before 20 mins and i don't argue with people that get mad at me for ruining there game were there going 4/0 and i'm 0/5 cause i fucked up i play safe i try not to feed and tell them my bad cause it is my bad i messed up i should be getting yelled at and shit talked i didn't play right in the real world if you fuck up people are going to point it out and not nicely so people need to stop being such little bitches. P.S i might not have put this into the exact way i would say it and any counter points are welcome please try and change my mind i think being "toxic"/angry is vital part of the game if people want to know how bad they are. And people should be flamed if there bad in ranked.
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