Had honor 5 for about 2 hours today ama

Just as the title suggests, I got to honor 5 then had a game where my friend and I were stuck with 3 really toxic players. I lost my cool and called one of them a retard and flamed them back, because he flamed me for not ganking top while I was being chased down and killed in my jungle, blah, blah, blah, not gonna write down all the details. Just know that top/mid/adc all flamed me and my friend and I fought back a good bit. After the game (reported all 3 of them of course) I started a new one a found myself chat restricted for 10 games and afterwards I saw I was back to honor 1. Now while I think going to honor 1 from honor 5 just off one game is kinda silly, the chat restriction was probably deserved. Moral of the story is that no matter how dumb or toxic they are being, don't bother with insults unless you wanna lose all of your honor. Even the more honorable among you can still find yourself smited by rito. Not even honor 5's are safe.
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