Honor and End of Season Rewards. Why Change?

Historically, chat bans, account suspensions, and perma bans were the only way to miss out on end of season rewards after ranking up the ladder all season. This year, with the implementation of the honor system and hextech reward punishments, Riot had other things in mind.. To create a Dishonorable Status where anyone below level 2 honor will be INELLIGABLE for rewards. Not just the keys to gain blue/orange essence but your _loading screen border_, _the seasonal ward skin_, the _victorious skin_, and the _profile border_. If you are unable to return your lvl 2 status by the end of the season, a process which takes months. Let me repeat that.. Months. A process which takes _months_ for you to regain your honorable status and receive your end of season rewards. For another year, you will have to remain borderless for the work and time you put in. Historically, this process of reforming was done within the mind of the individual, after working out the punishment, and really considering how their actions are unacceptable (had to be said). And as the loading screen quote tells us, 30% of players who experience one chat ban will never receive another. So where does that leave the other 70% this season? Dear player who received a chat ban after typing the trigger words, after the gatekeepers of the next division trolled your promotional series for the third time this month. And you the accused who unleashed your power to chat upon the greasy villain only to find your account plunged into a dishonorable putrid state. Sorry to you player, if you did end up making it to that next division for the first time in your league career. You've made countless friends, played with thousands of other players, engaged competitive matches and did not gloat in victory, stayed humble in defeat so often... you've made the experience a joy for so many players. But you fucked up. If you've received this punishment within 2 months of the end of the season when you've finally grasped the meta, finally come to climb out of your last years border, finally found your role in the league, all that hard work. Sorry, you will not receive your end of season rewards, you're toxic. Riot, will you change this system? I believe it to be unfair. Share your thoughts in the comments below. Edit: this got negative attention so heres an idea. Instead of giving these players jail, how about giving them an opportunity to develop empathy with a sort of community service? Give these toxic players the opportunity to gain honor by teaching newer players the game. Put a game mode that matches people on voice communication or something that allows distributing game knowledge in a practical way. Let the newer player give them a rating that will be documented. Once you recieve enough high ratings and reviews, you will regain normal honor. The current honor gaining system is antiquated. {{item:3128}}O {{champion:134}} O {{item:3128}} O
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