new feature disable ally chat

This new feature brokes all the rules and terms of use , if everyone can disable the chat ,what purpouse rules serve... , if everyone can just run of rules throught disabling it , it rise another problem ,people will get angry and be silent while they grief/troll which at the present you have still not find a solution to find and ban people who grief/troll . It also rise a problem , for everyone who been permanent banned in past this feature wasn't there ... , and everyone who had to reform invested time and hundreds of hours to play and work on them capacity of facing toxicity of any kind ,i am pretty sure this feature not makes thinghs to be equal as others had to learn to behave using every day the chat and communicate as is a team game ,which rise the problem i currently see. If you allow people to disable chat at all through options ... , then why this game is anymore a team game , if you can't anymore communicate with others and when those who broke rules are helped to stay in a game they don't belong as they broke rules and don't know to communicate and team work talking nice. I am extremly selfish when i say ,that i had to face multiple punishments to manage my behaviour when others trash talk all the game to me + grief or troll ,etc... because i discovered many things since i play this game , and every time they been cleaver and use something else to dodge rules and harm others... ,and this is the reason i feel like this new implemented feature dosn't belong to a game who claimed that permanent bans should be reforming people , as they no longer will reform people , as no one will get permanent ban if they keep chat disabled , repeating the toxicity after punishment level reset ... and as soon as they will use again the chat ,they will be same persons they been. I understood for people is hard to reform , i one had to lose 2 accounts , one of them for questionable chat logs ,as far as Riot refused to talk about them on riot support , now i stand here wishing others to pay the same price i payed for breaking rules , everyone should have same chances i had to reform , or if it dosn't seems so then i would like my 2 permanent banned accounts to be seted free as i didn't had this option to reform neither to dodge the mass toxicity + grief/trollers talk messages , i am right to claim this because ,now Riot dosn't serve anymore the purpouse they created permanent bans ,as everyone can disable chat ... , so i coulded avoid a permanent ban for chat if i woulded have same option , same option i requested 5 years ago when permanent ban became a thingh and i was concern about the imposibility to stop rushing toxic behaviour , which means that i one had no chance then to reform as someone have now... , as people get reseted punishments after 8-9 months of non toxic behaviour.
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