ok... im starting to have doubts on how inters are detected now.

so i was playing a game a few days ago, and there was this cho gath on the enemy team. the guy was: - literally running it down mid - sold his items three times for 6 {{item:1082}} and then again for just a {{item:3056}} and then a {{item:3152}} at the end - he actually admitted in chat he was running it down mid because his team refused to FF decided to check, and sure enough he had played a game just twelve hours go. naturally i just assumed, "hmm, perhaps theyre just backlogged on inting reports?" except... this game was 4 days ago. i have been told and also parrot how confirmed inting cases are an immediate 14 day ban, and you cant in any way, shape, or form say this actually wasnt inting (gonna go ahead and still abide by no name-shame rule, although im pretty sure it shouldnt even apply in this circumstance): https://gfycat.com/BountifulMiserableAfricanparadiseflycatcher ' https://gfycat.com/BlackandwhiteRecklessGuanaco https://imgur.com/r7t2F0f ' https://imgur.com/mcdZOkd so im wondering, riotgames whats up? why you guys slacking? how long does it actually take for a troll such as this to actually be punished? afaik, you also tell us no matter the queue, trolling your team is never acceptable, so whats up? update: i JUST got the ifs feedback pop up, hopefully it was in fact for this guy. took about a week, so hopefully this guy got what he deserved.
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